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Artist Statement

At a time when we are accustomed to constant and unlimited digital access to products, information, and social interaction, I think about the realms that remain obstacles, such as memory loss, knowledge of the future, and the physicality of the world and of our bodies. 

My work explores the circumstances that arise when we are mentally or physically prevented from approaching or gaining proximity to something we desire to know or obtain. I utilize the constraints of the camera, the frame, and vision to address the ways in which we bridge the gaps, cope with, and transcend moments that seem beyond our scope.

Using a 4x5 field camera, I make long exposures while walking repeatedly towards or around objects. I use the beam of a flashlight to carve landscapes out of darkness. I look for circumstances in the environment that speak to this yearning and visceral desire to access, obtain, and collect. I utilize resources that are perceived as omniscient - such as Google Maps, weather, and flight tracking applications - to fill in the gaps of my experience.

My work doesn’t seek to provide answers or make things more attainable, but instead explores the ways in which we attempt to resolve experiences that remain out of reach.

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