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As the Crow Flies

Private Home, Portola Valley, California

When imagining a point in the distance our mind fills in the blanks, creating an invented landscape between that point and our current location. This series of photographs engages that experience and the subjective, memory-driven relationship we have with our physical surroundings. While viewing the four landscape images on the wall, the images that are conjured up in in the viewer's mind are of equal importance to the physical prints.

The photographs in As the Crow Flies have been taken exactly one mile North, South, East, and West from the wall in which they are displayed. Each photograph is a forced perspective of what can be seen from that distant point facing back towards the image's location. In this way, the concept dictates the composition of each image.

By showing the literal end point of the four one-mile markers, the images challenge the viewer’s perception of the immediate and greater place in which they stand.

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