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Using a 4x5 field camera I make long exposures while walking repeatedly around objects. I walk towards the subject until my lens touches it. I keep the lens open while pulling my camera out of its bag, attaching it to the tripod, and lengthening each leg. The act of photographing becomes an earnest performance - an attempt to prevent an experience from escaping.

'Fraser’s work de-materializes through a direct focus on photographic film itself. Not to be mistaken for cinema or the cinematic, here photographic film is crucial for its designed function of capturing a moment in time, so that the introduction of a glitch – leaving the shutter open too long, taking multiple exposures per frame – erases our expectation of the static stability of photographic time and space, replacing it instead with everything that photographic memory typically omits: slips, decisions, repetitions, and a complete record of the time spent to make a single image.'

Lauren van Haaften-Schick 

Ph.D. Candidate in Art History, Cornell University

Over and Over, Again and Again

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